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Multichannel promotion

Digital media in your marketing strategy

The number of mobile phone and tablet users is growing continually. Along with printed media, digital media play an important role in modern marketing strategies. For consumers, information is no longer, one device fits all, especially for digital content formats. Most people use more than one channel to inform about what locations, destinations and products have to offer.

Seamless multichannel solution

SmartBox by Smartlink is a combination of various media for destination, location and project marketing. SmartBox consists of:

  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) for smartphones, wearables and tablets
  • Responsive web design and web-apps for tablets, smartphones, wearables and computer
  • E- publications with photo galleries, film- and audio material
  • Printed material (folders, flyer, magazines, albums, maps).

Smartlink offers several marketing and media services and  will help you decide which options are appropriate based on your clientele , goals, and budget.

The best way to market your destination is to utilize as many channels as possible to reach your target audience. Finding the right balance between various media will ensure a steady interest and new customers.

Why choosing SmartBox?

  • Provides  a seamless multi-channel experience
  • Designed to reach both traditional (i.e. paper) and fast growing mobile audience
  • Target audience oriented
  • Enables costs optimization
  • Includes design and editorial services – we deliver valuable, relevant and informative content (texts, photography and audio/video)
  • Gives access to free marketing channels - digital provides access to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more
  • Open to readership feedback
  • Helps to gain long-term customer loyalty and acquisition of new customers

Interested? Contact us: biuro@smartlink.pl