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Take advantage of the content

Valuable content 

Content marketing is about engaging consumers with informative or entertaining content. Good content contains high quality texts and images: photos, video, infographics, which are a fast and easy way to create your message. It is however very important to create useful content for a specific target audience. This content should be new and different from what they’ve already read or seen.

Communication with your target customers

Content marketing is effective on a sustainable basis: high quality content is able to drive positive business results. Valuable content makes your web-site more attractive, it generates more traffic and it helps to gain long-term customer loyalty and acquisition of new customers.  Communicate with your target audience by using social media platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine or others. Write for your audience and listen to them. SEO Search engines reward sites that deliver regularly refreshed content of a high editorial quality.

What content  for which channel?

Smartlink offers several marketing and media services and will help you decide which options are appropriate based on your clientele, goals, and budget.

Smartlink is your partner for destination, location and project marketing in Poland:

  • Editorial services – we deliver valuable, relevant and informative content (texts, photography and audio/video) of high quality
  • Smartbox - with mobile marketing you will strengthen your brand and Image
  • Themes: Innovation, Tourism, European subsidies (funding programmes) and Business development.