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Intelligent sollutions for tablets and smartphones

Smartphone and tablets — rapidly growing devices

As most people use more than one channel to inform about what locations, destinations and products have to offer, you should consider to make an app for smartphone, wearable and tablet users. Together with our technology partners, Smartlink creates native apps (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and personalized web apps.

Editorial services

Smartlink will help you decide which options are appropriate based on your clientele, goals, and budget. We deliver valuable, relevant and informative texts in different languages (Polish, English, German, Russian and Dutch) together with high quality photography and audio/video, made for your target customers.

Improve your brand and image

Digital publications for our clients are distinguished by their high level of interactiveness and the fact that they can be enriched with films, photo galleries, audio files and active links. Moreover, they can be fully integrated with social media. It also will give you access to free marketing channels like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. To be attractive to your target consumers, apps have to be user-friendly and their content has to be valuble and regularly updated. This is especially the case for destination apps, which require seasonal content, which must be kept up-to-date.

Communication very easy

Your customers have one-touch access to your contact information: e-mail, social networks and telephone are integrated in the apps so you can make fast, seamless appointment scheduling. And even more important: people are able to share photos, videos, or text messages about your destination which is a significant marketing instrument in the modern digital society.

The biggest benefits of mobile apps for businesses

You can:

  • build loyalty
  • reinforce your brand
  • increase your visibility
  • increase sell-through
  • increase exposure across mobile devices
  • create more traffic, advertising and sale
  • offer on-line and off-line information
  • mention special events, launches, etc.
  • integrate interactive maps
  • give weather information up to date.